Winter Cover Comes Off

Yesterday’s strong winds didn’t stop the crew from taking the Riggin‘s winter cover and framing off. It was time. Typically we remove the cover when we haul out in the spring but because we did our haul out in the fall we were able to keep the cover on a little longer.

We are now to the point in outfitting where we need to start getting all the lines up followed by the spar being put in place and then the sails. We are inside our 30 day countdown – 16 days til board for our first trip of the 2011 season!

Rockland Windjammer Wharf Schooners

The schooners at Windjammer Wharf, Stephen Taber, J&E Riggin & Nathaniel Bowditch, get ready for the season by taking their winter covers off.

J&E Riggin's winter cover is off!

And the deck sees the 'sun' again

Alan Castonguay aka Mouse gets harnessed

Mouse prepares for a trip aloft to get the rigging started.

Toni gets lines and pulleys ready to go

Toni gets lines and pulleys ready to go

Going aloft

Up and up and up he goes - Mouse climbs the ratlines


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