Happy Faces Photo Contest

In last month’s e-newsletter we announced the first topic in our off-season photo contest. Those who wanted to submit a photo had until November 9th to e-mail up to three photos that match the month’s theme – “Happy Faces”.

If you’d like to take part in next month’s contest here’s how it works: get your photos off the camera (always a good place to start), edit them (if you’d like), and then send them into us at sail@mainewindjammer.com. The only two requirements are it has to match the topic and be Riggin related somehow. The subject for November is: “Food”

A big thank you to everyone who submitted and allowed the use of their photos for the October. We loved seeing all the smiling faces!

Take a look below at the entries submitted and vote in the poll at the bottom of the post. We will announce the winner in next month’s newsletter, and here too of course! You can vote as often and as many times as you’d like.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

The voting period has now ended. Please see your December e-newsletter and blog post to come)  for the winner!

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